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Our Services

Placenta Encapsulation Services

  • Placenta pills, Tinctures, Salves, & Watercolor Prints
  • Standard, Traditional, or Raw processing options for Encapsulation
  • Client Instructions 
  • Personalization
  • Streamlined Services

Classes, Courses & Education

  • Childbirth Education Courses
  • Postpartum & newborn course
  • Breastfeeding Class
  • Nutrition Workshop
  • Natural Family Planning (sympto-thermal method)

Community Centered Location!

  • Head over to the River Valley Birth Center site to learn more
  • Current River Valley Birth Center clients get access to special discounts & bonus classes

Calendar & Upcoming Community Workshops!

  • Upcoming Childbirth Education Courses
  • Workshops
  • Classes
  • Coaching

About Us

Flower & Roots bloomed from a desire to enrich the lives of our community members, starting at the roots. Each service provides resources and education that promote trust, understanding, and cooperation with the natural rhythms and seasons of the reproductive stages of life. Our goal is to empower you with the skills, knowledge, and services that bridge the gap between ancient holistic wisdom and modern evidence based practices so you can make the decisions that feel right for you, with confidence and peace. Just as wildflowers bloom unapologetically and with tenacity, it is our hope that we can help you develop the roots to do the same. 

Flower & Roots provides services and education to all people with a uterus from early reproductive stages through the end of their reproductive years. At this time, these services include sexual education, natural family planning, fertility & preconception service, nutritional education, childbirth education including postpartum & breastfeeding, and placenta encapsulation/processing services. We do not currently provide peri/post menopausal services.

Our History

Originally founded in the deserts of Southern California as Ridgecrest Birthing Services, Flower & Roots has been transplanted to many areas and taken on many names. However, its roots have remained the same. Created and operated by Rebeccah Hazel since 2009, it has blossomed from a simple childbirth education course (initially teaching Bradley Classes before developing a more encompassing course) and doula services, into a full spectrum supportive structure for all stages of reproduction. While this frozen tundra is a far cry from her desert home, she couldn’t be happier than right here with her new community!

Every time I think of the birth of my daughter, I silently thank Rebeccah for her care and guidance.

– Angela